ITalk2Pets.comWhen it comes to skeptics I consider myself to be an expert. My philosophy has always been if it's too good to be true, it always is. The thought of having someone tell my pet to stop doing something and have it come true seemed a little far-fetched to me. I was happily proven wrong and would like to share my story. My wife and I have a 6 year old Great Dane and an 2 year old Akita/Chow/Shepherd mix. Having two males, they sometimes competed for territory which meant that I had to clean up the Arizona room once a week to get the urine smell out. Mary explained to the dogs that this was inappropriate and they shouldn't urinate if there is a roof over their heads. The following weekend when it was time to do my weekly chore of cleaning the Arizona room, I realized that I didn't need to. There was no urine smell or stains on the porch. I assumed this was just a coincidence. I was wrong. It's been over two months and still no urine stains! Another behavioral issue that we wanted addressed was with the Great Dane. Even though he is very big and intimidating to most, he was always ITalk2Pets.comskittish when new people came over to the house. When my wife and I first met, it took him three weeks to warm up to me! When new people came over to the house he fled outside and he remained there until everyone left. If he couldn't escape outside he would run to our bedroom and hide on the bed until the company left. My wife and I felt so sorry for him when he would remain in our room for hours upon hours when we would have get-togethers. When Mary came over she discovered that our Great Dane felt shy. Mary explained to him that he need not be shy when other people are around and that Mom and Dad would not let anyone in the house that would harm him. I witnessed the effects of this when we had a few new friends over last Friday night. I have a friend who is 6'5" and looks like a linebacker for the NY Giants. I assumed as soon as he walked in our Great Dane would run out. To my surprise he didn't; he stood there looked at this gigantic man walk in our house and then when approached let this man pet him. It was the most dramatic change of behavior I have ever seen. Not only did our Great Dane not get spooked when this company came over, he was friendly and hung out with us all evening! I want to let everyone know that this skeptic has been proven wrong and if you have any behavioral issues no matter how minute with your animals you need to have a consultation with Mary, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Mary!!!

Mike C., Tucson, AZ

We were having trouble with our dog Mia. Every time the door was opened she would run out into the street. She almost got hit by a car. Mary came over and spoke with Mia. She explained that it was dangerous for her to run out like that. Since that day with the door left open, Mia has not run out. Mary has helped us with our African Grey Parrot and her biting. I highly recommend Mary's services with any concerns you might have with your pets.


Shelly A. H.
Tucson, AZ

Dear Mary.

Thank you so much for your help in locating the kitten Annabella after she escaped into the the night. This area is rife with bobcat, coyote, and owl and we were fearful she would wander too far, get lost and be killed. Your ability to contact her, and describe to us where she was and that she could see the house with the lights and door open put our minds somewhat at rest. We knew then she was not lost and was nearby and could see the house and would come back in when she was ready to. At 6:30 the next morning she came sauntering in, ate, and went to sleep, totally unfazed by her big night out. We knew she was independent minded! Also your communication with Koster, our other cat, that night helped him realize that we needed him to stay here because of the danger in the dark. He stayed with us even though the doors were left open and even helped us search for the kitten, walking with us and fanning out into the underbrush when we told him to search and returning to us when we called to him. It was was nothing short of incredible. That you made him understand the situation was obvious and amazing. He has since been wary of the darkness and clearly remembers the dangers you described to him. You are gifted, and that you use it to help other beings in danger and need is wonderful thing.

Thank you .

Charly and Greg
Tucson, AZ

Please consider this a letter of reference for Mary Ketaily. Ms. Ketaily has been extremely useful in dealing with my menagerie of assorted animals and their behavioral issues. Specifically, she has helped me locate a missing cat, which was picked up by a neighbor assuming it was a stray, giving me a description of where the cat was and how it was taken by communicating directly with my cat. Most importantly, she has helped forge an understanding between my Moluccan Cockatoo and me.

What is most remarkable about her ability is that she is able to do it so accurately from a distance of nearly 6,000 miles. I have complete confidence in her ability to help bring about an understanding between animals and the humans they live with.


Karen S.
Devon, England

I have known Mary Ketaily for about 5 years. We kept in touch through the years so I have witnessed the growth of Mary's business and heard stories of how she has helped pets and their owners through many difficult situations.

About a year ago, when I was having a problem with my dog, Lucky, I arranged for Mary to come to my home. Lucky is very protective and he would bark viciously at anyone who came to the door and would not let them enter. He warmed up to Mary almost immediately which was very surprising and after Mary left Lucky's barking decreased dramatically. It was funny how he caught himself as he began a bark and then turned it into a yawn-like sound.

This last month Lucky and I moved into a new apartment. We have had many changes in our lives recently and Lucky has become very easily agitated. I contacted Ms. Ketaily and once again after one session the results were just as remarkable! Lucky was growling at the children in the complex and then when corrected would start shaking.

He also would bark incessantly when my neighbor came home from work, even though he and Lucky have played together. After the session with Mary he ignored the children playing nearby and later when a neighbor walked her dog near our window Lucky barked twice but then calmed down. But most important of all is that he is so much more at ease in our new surroundings. I am also grateful that I understand Lucky's behavior better.

I recommend the services Ms. Ketaily offers with extreme confidence. I don't know how she does it - I just know that somehow she connects with my beloved pet and communicates with him so he understands why and what is expected.

Monika L.
Tucson AZ

I inherited a Siamese cat that I named “Omar” several years back. He was so timid and it troubled me that I did not know his history. He began to cough and refused to use his litter box, so I took him to the vet. The vet could not find anything wrong; however, I knew things were not right. Mary Ketaily was referred to me as someone who could help. Mary connected with Omar through me in a phone conversation and she filled in the gaps about his former owners and told me to pay attention to his health.

After a few days of observation and emails to Mary, I realized that Omar had asthma. I went back to the vet and, sure enough, the x-ray came back positive this time. I discovered a dust-free brand of kitty litter that did not aggravate his symptoms and he has been a happy fellow ever since.

Mary’s services were wonderful. She told me what Omar was feeling and thinking. It validated his behavior and helped steer us to the correct track to help Omar feel better.

I look forward to working, again, with Mary. She is wonderful!

Robin S.
Tucson, AZ


I wanted to tell you how nice it was to meet with you during the 2004 Body, Mind, Spirit, Health Expo in Willcox.

Denver (my horse) is doing really well. Immediately after seeing you I let him run around in our yard as a treat, (to eat fresh grass) and when it was time to put him into the pasture he came right to my husband, Larry. Usually it takes us awhile to catch him up because he wants to play keep away. His attitude seems to have improved. (Mine too! :)

Thanks so much for your input.

Take care.

Julia L-H.
Wilcox, AZ